How to Save Money on Your Dates

You can save money and have fun with your beau. These tips will not only help you keep some cash, they’ll also enhance your bond with that special someone.
Dating can be exciting for the single individual. But when it comes to spending cash on movies, dinners, dancing or drinks, there’s no doubt that it can get frustrating. The following dating ideas will help you save more than a few cash while impressing your boyfriend or girlfriend with a great evening.

Visit Your Local Theatre

Support your city’s arts scene together. Check your closest community centre for any performances conducted by local theatre groups, bands, choirs, and such. Guaranteed, ticket prices won’t be as costly as a Broadway show.

Picnic Under the Stars

Pack a blanket and a basket full of goodies from home and you’ve got yourself a cheap evening out. According to Janienne Jenrich’s article “How to Plan a Romantic Picnic for Two,” “A nice platter with a variety of fruit, cheese, and freshly baked bread can be lovely and delicious.” Make it even more romantic with a bottle of red or white wine. And if you’re not into wine, think about sparkling water or juice.

Make it an Animal Date

Create an animal-themed day. Visit the zoo and pack your knapsack with homemade sandwiches for you and your date to munch on. If your local zoo is too expensive for your budget, visit various pet stores across your city’s malls. Pet the puppies and kittens, talk to the parrots and take a look at the unique saltwater fish in the aquariums.

Walk around the Museum

Check out your closest museum or art gallery and go on a day or evening with free admission or discounted prices. Bring your digital camera and make funny faces and poses with the various statues. You and your date will definitely get a good laugh.

Go on a City Stroll

There’s nothing better than getting to know someone over a relaxing walk. Take a stroll around an urban scene and go window shopping. To save even more money, make sure you schedule your walk after dinner time. That way, you and your date only need to pay for dessert during your city walk.

Bike around the Park

If you’re both into nature, grab your helmets and your bikes for a ride around the park. Check out the scenery while getting a great workout at the same time. Then end your ride on your patio or deck with a cool glass of juice or water.

Overall, there are still many ways to have fun dates without spending so much money. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Look around your area for local shows, parks, museums and zoos and check out your kitchen shelves for cheap eats.

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