Halloween Costume Ideas for Dating Adults & Teens

Whether going to a Halloween party, staying home and handing out candy or going out on the town, it’s fun to dress up on October 31. People who are dating can have a blast dressing up as a famous couple. Some costumes can be rented, and others can be thrown together with items from the closet.


Dress Up as Movie Stars

Movie buff couples can choose to dress up as their favorite movie stars. Study the clothing they are wearing in the movies or choose an elegant gown and tuxedo from the red carpet. Old black and white moves provide even more inspiration for the glamour-loving couple. Don’t forget to get into character and have some fun.

Movie star couple ideas:

  • Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – This drama queen and king played in several movies together, so copy their wardrobe.
  • Danny and Sandy from Grease – Black leather, poodle skirt and hotrods will define this look.
  • Batman and Cat Woman – A skin tight leotard and cape provide the foundation for this pair.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – A pretty boy, a sultry woman and lots of kids give this couple’s look away.
  • Marilyn Monroe and James Dean – Both sex symbols of their day, most middle-aged and older people will recognize this couple.
  • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – Dance the night away as two of the best dancers of all time.
  • Priscilla and Elvis Presley – Big hair and a hip swivel add to the look of the first king of rock ‘n roll.
  • Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward – Undying love from him and a head scarf on her are essential to this couple’s look.

Have Halloween Fun as Famous Musicians

For the musically inclined, dress up as famous music couples. Add a guitar, a microphone and some attitude to show everyone how to have a good time. Expect requests, demand applause and be ready to sign autographs.

Famous music couples:

  • Sonny and Cher – Long hair and quick, quippy put-downs will add to the character of these two.
  • Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake – Short skirts, a cool hat and paparazzi form the foundation of this short-lived pairing.
  • Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey – Air-headed beauty, a muscle shirt and canned tuna are reminiscent of this couple’s reality show marriage.
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw – Beautiful people holding a guitar, wearing cowboy boots and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes will melt other party-goers.
  • Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain – Blank expressions and angry scowls are the perfect accessories to this rock couple’s outfit.

Comic or Cartoon Characters

Cartoons bring out the fun in almost any situation, so have a blast dressing up as a favorite cartoon couple. Do some research by watching children’s cartoons or renting a stack of animated Disney feature films. If possible, bring along a CD player and provide a cartoon-lover’s soundtrack.

Cartoon couples:

  • Shrek and Fiona
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
  • Wilma and Fred Flintstone
  • Betty and Barney Rubble
  • Jane and George Jetson
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Popeye and Olive Oyl

Kids aren’t the only people getting into the Halloween mood. Dating adults can join the fun as famous movie star couples, musicians or cartoon characters.

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