How to Heal and Relieve Painful Mouth Sores

Many people suffer from pesky small sores inside of the mouth. These tiny but painful ulcer type lesions are often referred to as canker sores in the mouth. Anyone who has ever had a canker sore most assuredly desired and looked for a quicker way to heal it and relieve the pain it caused. These sores make eating, chewing, talking, and swallowing undesirable due to the irritation that is in the mouth and on the gums. While no known cure for canker sores has been found, there are several options for those that want to get rid of the sore faster and relieve the pain quicker.

Mouth Sores

Home Remedy Rinses for Mouth Sores

There are several ingredients found in the home that aid when used as a rinse to help get rid of canker sores. A solution of half peroxide and half water is one method for killing bacteria in the mouth. This canker sore treatment speeds up the healing process. A rinse of baking soda, salt, and water also is thought to be an aid for a canker cure. When dissolving a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda in warm water and swishing in the mouth, the alkaline level of the mouth is restored.

Pain Relieving Canker Sore Treatment

In addition to wanting to speed up the healing process, many people are interested in finding a pain reliever. Milk of magnesia applied to the sore or swished in the mouth is thought to be soothing to the area. A wet tea bag placed on the irritated area is another way to help ease the pain caused by a canker sore. Tannic acid in the tea bag acts as a pain reliever.

Foods for Canker Sore Relief

While eating some foods irritates the area of the sore, some foods actually help ease the pain and encourage the healing of the area. These foods include yogurt, kiwi fruit, sauerkraut, and plum juice. Yogurt and sauerkraut both contain bacteria that are good for the body and mouth. The good bacteria help rid the mouth of the bad bacteria that contributes to sores. Kiwi contains bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Plum juice has tannic acid and vitamin C. All of these act as healing agents for mouth sores.
Canker sore treatment comes in many forms. While a canker treatment can be purchased from a health and drug store, some treatments for mouth sores are found right the home. Home remedies are known to whiten teeth , heal cold sores, and more. Look to home remedy canker treatment for healing help and pain relief. There are also over the counter solutions for both canker sores and mouth ulcers. A dentist can also make out a prescription for a rinse that can aid in healing the mouth sore.
Generally, mouth sore take time to heal and in the process can make eating and drinking difficult. It is best to stay away from spicy, hot or very cold foods and drinks during this healing time.

Preventing the Recurrence of Mouth Sore

According to the Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo, Norway it is recommended that brushing with a toothpaste not containing SLS is beneficial in avoiding mouth ulcers. These types of toothpastes can be found in health or organic food stores or online. They are typically natural toothpastes containing no chemicals and peppermint oil.
In review, good oral hygiene and regular checkups can help in the prevention of mouth ulcers. Using a natural toothpaste can reduce the onset of mouth ulcers. Any serious concerns about mouth ulcers should be directed toward a dentist or doctor.

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